We know that with each passing year, businesses come up with new products and services. Sometimes they come up with market offerings that people were expecting a product for while some are offerings that people have never even imagined for the need to exist. For example, when the aeroplane and first telephone were invented, people haven’t even thought of the need to exist but if we look at today, communication and travelling have become two very important needs for a person’s life. Before x-ray machines were introduced, doctors might have used the knowledge of the showing symptoms to figure out a person’s sickness but now with time, they have shifted more towards enhanced technological solutions to provide better service to patients.

This is quite the same case in the corporate world as well; finding the most suitable resources into the organization is quite a mission as this process involves a considerable amount of time and effort. Company in no way is happy to see a resource leaving right after they are hired by going through a long process.  Have a peek at this web-site for advertising jobs in Manchester. This is why more companies are moving in to creative recruitment strategies to make sure that the right employees are being hired that would fit in to the organization culture well. Here are some of the new hiring methods that could help a company bring fresh blood with new thinking patterns.

Video interviews

This is a form of creative recruitment that makes the interview procedure faster and more efficient. Rather than having to get candidates to physically visit the office, the employers could hold the interview anywhere on any device through skype, google hangouts or any mode of video conferencing tools and applications. This saves time for the candidate as well for they do not have to travel from one place to another plus if they are currently employed at a distant office base, they do not have to take leave specifically to attend an interview as well.

Social Media

LinkedIn has become an amazing form of social media platform that enables the candidates in the job market to connect with the potential employers. This way employer could also see a good profile of each person and reach the right candidate at once. This helps to handpick resources of their interest and expected qualification level.

Big Data

This is one of the newest ways that companies could perform their screening out process. Instead of manually going through each and every applicant, the employer could simply use some digital tools and filter out profiles according to specific education qualifications and experience. These are some of the new ways that companies can use in hiring new resources for they require techniques that are efficient, cost effective and convenient to both employer and candidate.

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