November 30, 2020


Fashion is like food. You can’t eat the same food items all the times but must pick according to your taste and occasion. Your clothing speaks about your personality and portrays about your taste. Sometimes, accessories give the touch up to the overall look. It helps you to look more chic, cool, trendy and aesthetic at the same time.

Blowe’s clothing is a family-owned business, operational from three generations, and established since1936. They have all the fashion lines including the men and women attires, boots, and accessories. Having a connection with all the globally known brands and collecting fashion articles from them. We assure you to offer the best articles at competitive prices. We believe in offering the gratifying experience to our customers.

We behold an unparalleled knowledge about fashion and traditional trends for eight years now. We keep on stocking the whole casual, formal, traditional, and contemporary lines of fashion for all kind of events. We not only provide these breathtaking lines but offer the beautiful complementary accessories too.


It’s been said that one wears faith in the form of his hat. There are a variety of hats according to your places. They not only used to protect you from sunshade but sometimes complimentary with your dress and gives an overall finishing to your chic look. Wearing hats is like wearing art- fine art.

We have a large variety of hats. From akubra hat to travellers, squashable hats, and Avlon hats at competitive prices. These hats are perfect to be used for travelling.

When we talk about the Travellers- Akubra Hats (squashable Felt Hat), these are available in all the colours, sizes and at competitive prices. You can check it out from our online website to get an idea about its specifications and privileges. Then pick one and order. We offer lucrative shipment offers fortnightly.

The Specifications of Akubra Hats

When we talk about akubras based in cattleman, then it has multiple lines. This is a softer hat softer than the pliable hats; those are designed for adventure or travellers. The unique feature of this hat is to restore its unique shape after being squashed or packed away. This squashable hat beholds a plaited covering of Kangaroo Leather band. With no inner leather hatband, and featuring the pure soft cotton hats, are perfect to become your partner for an adventure. You can easily pack it in your luggage and then use it any time. It comes handy with durability and affordability. It has 76mm brim and 90mm medium crown. These hats are winning the designs. These trendy hats are so in demand and give you a chance to flaunt perfectly.