November 30, 2020

What Are The Main Characteristics Of Emily Kngwarreye Paintings?

Different people have different ambitions and dreams with which they live and try to make them into a reality. I think artists get to fulfil their dreams by turning their imaginary world into a form of reality. Even if an artist does not get to experience those movements which he has dreamt of but still he gets to convert them into his art form. This art form can be paintings, sculptures, carvings on stones, music, dance, etc. This is the reason that art is considered as the only thing that lets you depict your emotions and feelings in their truest forms without actually having to put them in words. There have been many artists who have come and gone but out of these some have managed to mark their names in the pages of history with their extraordinary art forms. Pablo picas, Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock can be named as few. One such great artist was known as Emily Kngwarreye, even though she died back in the year 1996 but she left us with some of her amazing art work. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the main characteristics of Emily Kngwarreye paintings.

Emily Kngwarreye:

Emily Kngwarreye was an Australian artist who was born in the year 1910 and lived for about eighty six years. She has managed to retain her name in the pages of history by introducing us with some of the amazing paintings. She was considered as one of the best aboriginal Australian artist. Aboriginal Australian artist is the one who is the native of Australia and his paintings depicts the stories or history of Australia. It is considered highly disrespectful if a non-native (not originally belonging to Australia) paints an aboriginal painting. Each and every colour used in such paintings is a symbolic representation of various stories.

Main characteristics of Emily Kngwarreye paintings:

People from all over the world love and appreciate the Emily Kngwarreye paintings. She has made approximately about three thousand amazing pieces of art. Emily Kngwarreye used to take blend of vibrant colours that gave the hypnotizing feels to the spectator. She used various marks and colours to signify various Australian stories and customs. Her art style was gestural which was carried out by following no specific pattern. Her demise was surely a huge loss to the art world but fortunately she has provided us with huge collection of her paintings.


Among many famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vince; one such artist is Emily Kngwarreye. Emily Kngwarreye paintings are highly appreciated and loved across the world because of the use of amazing blend of colours and the depiction of some great patterns on the canvases. There are about more than three thousands Emily Kngwarreye paintings which were introduced to us before her demise in the year 1996. “MBANTUA” is a fine art gallery and a cultural museum that lets us see some of the amazing Emily Kngwarreye paintings.

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